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Why User Acceptance Testing is a crucial phase in an ERP implementation project?

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January 17 2023


When implementing an ERP, it is crucial to make sure that the users are familiar with the processes and the tool they will be using daily after go-live. Not only that, but the processes have to meet their business needs. To address these matters, every implementation project goes through a phase of user testing, called User Acceptance Testing. During this phase, users will test different processes of interest according to their job and validate them. In this article, we will review how User Acceptance Testing works at Novutech and why it is an important part of every NetSuite implementation project.

How it works

During the Enable part of a project, future NetSuite users are asked to test the processes that have been designed, implemented and tested by our team in NetSuite to meet their requirements. It can go from the creation of a vendor to the closing of accounting periods, and each user will be asked to test the processes corresponding to his/her daily tasks. This phase takes place in a Sandbox environment, which is intended for testing purposes only. Actions undertaken in this environment have no effect on the company’s business, which allows users to test as much as they want. Concretely, a list of scenarios to realize in NetSuite is sent to the appropriate users depending on their future NetSuite. A detailed list of instructions is provided with each scenario in order to make sure that all the steps are clearly understood. At the end of a step, a check is realized to confirm that the user is on the correct path and can therefore go on with the scenario(s). Users can validate a scenario if it meets their expectations, but they can also come back to us if they feel that it should work differently. In that case, we work with them to redefine and rebuild the process in NetSuite if needed.

What are the benefits of User Acceptance Testing?

The User Acceptance Testing phase is important because it provides two main benefits:
  • Users start using NetSuite and can therefore get acclimated to the ERP system before go-live.
  • Users can provide feedback on NetSuite processes. This avoids unpleasant surprises after going live, as all major processes are validated during the User Acceptance Testing phase.
These two points show why this phase is really centered around the user. It can be time consuming to test all the scenarios but it is beneficial in the long term for future NetSuite users. Indeed, by performing the scenarios in a serious manner, they have the chance to be well-prepared for go-live. From the integrator's point of view, User Acceptance Testing is also the phase which allows to know whether the ERP system is ready to be deployed or not. As stated earlier, during this critical phase, the integrator makes sure that the customer validates the work that has been done.


To summarize, during the User Acceptance Testing phase, future NetSuite users are asked to perform and validate scenarios in a testing environment. It allows them to get familiar with NetSuite and provide feedback on the scenarios they are testing. This phase is therefore a key moment in a project, when users can validate processes and when the integrator can make sure the ERP system is ready to be implemented.

In short

  • Testing Processes in NetSuite
  • Validate scenarios based on testing
  • User Acceptance Testing is beneficial to future NetSuite users
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Novutech and Oracle training programs

Netsuite articles Novutech culture

November 07 2022

Novutech and Oracle training programs


This article outlines the valuable partnership that exists between Novutech and Oracle, and the opportunities for Alliance Partner members to undertake training programs offered by Oracle. I also describe how Novutech uses this alliance to invest in their employees by ensuring all members grow with the company to better serve their clients. Finally, I conclude this article by sharing my personal experiences of Novutech’s investment in me, and the opportunity I was given when I undertook one of the training programs.

Novutech and Oracle

Novutech’s partnership with Oracle can be linked to the established values adopted by our company, and the importance in investing in our employees with “Team First and Talent Development”, and “Excellence” in providing strong professional customer service to our clients. These values are built upon the foundations of internal growth, and as such, we have been recognised as an Official NetSuite Partner and an Alliance Partner with Oracle. By strengthening internal growth, Novutech gives both new and established employees the opportunity to become equipped with the latest tools, knowledge, and methodologies for the efficient administration and implementation of NetSuite. For new employees, the alliance with Oracle allows them to discover NetSuite’s capabilities through a range of different training programs offered to alliance partners, and equally for established employees to build upon their already obtained NetSuite knowledge by undertaking other training programs. One of the major advantages of this alliance includes Novutech employees given the chance to earn NetSuite certifications, and thus provide certified expert advice in implementing efficient NetSuite solutions, and bring added-value to our clients. Investment in Novutechos and SuiteLife Campus Being privy to this alliance, my personal experience in recognising the partnership that exists between the two companies was when I joined the team as a Business Analyst at the end of August 2022. Now an official Novutechos, Novutech recommended that I undertake one of the Oracle NetSuite partner enablement training programs called EMEA SuiteLife Campus, knowing how valuable it would become for new joiners like myself, in gaining an understanding of the core competences of NetSuite and obtaining the basics in Administration and ERP fundamentals. I would be registered for the SuiteLife Campus training program on behalf of Novutech, and the sole member of the Novutech team to have participated in this program. The EMEA SuiteLife program was a six-week virtual training program, facilitated by the team at Oracle, and covered fundamental topics for the implementation and foundational understanding of NetSuite’s core processes. From the beginning of the training program, I would discover how dynamic and powerful NetSuite was at implementing effective business process management, but also the alignment between the methodologies used by Novutech and their alliance partner in Oracle. Whilst I had previous experience in ERP management, I would soon realise the professionalism in NetSuite’s processes, in particular the importance in following guidelines for accounting and tax purposes, and how Novutech consults with clients in making clients aware of their obligations on a financial basis. However, even if Novutech does not offer financial advice, we do have an understanding in efficiently implementing NetSuite to manage our client’s business processes more effectively. The alliance that exists between Novutech and Oracle is greatly strengthened by the active collaboration and constant communication between the assigned Oracle member and the Novutech alliance partner. I would soon become aware that Novutech would do everything they can to ensure that I obtained a successful learning experience from the SuiteLife Campus training program, by communicating with the Oracle member pre-training, during training, and post-training. Continuous Alliance The alliance would not end at the conclusion of the training program, with Novutech employees presented with the opportunity to undertake other training programs offered by Oracle. These opportunities, such as undertaking the training program to become a certified ERP Consultant, is made possible thanks to Novutech’s access to the Oracle NetSuite training programs, offered exclusively to alliance partner members. As such, opportunities in implementing NetSuite are made available to new joiners and current Novutechos, and go as far as providing a sound level of expertise in efficient business processes. A word of thanks Thanks to Novutech for giving me the opportunity to undertake the SuiteLife Campus and for the team at Oracle for facilitating the training program in a virtual environment. As a result, I gained a good understanding of NetSuite’s processes and obtained the knowledge for the Administration and ERP functionalities that would become valuable in implementing the NetSuite application for Novutech’s clients. In short
  • Values, Investment, Alliance, Growth, Learning, Collaboration, Communication
  • Certified training programs to grow the team’s knowledge
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ERP Implementation Methodology by Novutech

Novutech culture Sujet ERP/Tech

May 31 2022

A decisive strategic decision

Implementing a new ERP is an important decision that will have a huge impact on your organisation in the long term. Whether you make that strategic decision to stimulate the growth of your business and introduce more structure into your processes or to support your already scaling company, you want to make sure to leverage all the benefits of your new ERP and get the most out of your investment. This is why you need to select an implementation partner that understands your needs, has your best interests in mind, and has the required expertise to tailor your environment according to your business processes. If you go for NetSuite, Novutech can be that trusted partner you are looking for. Why? Thanks to our team of experienced consultants and the proven implementation approach we follow for each one of our projects.

Novutech, the partner of choice for your NetSuite implementation project

The experience When choosing Novutech, you are actually choosing a diverse and experienced team which is able to understand your needs, challenge your processes, and design the best solutions to streamline your operations and boost your business. Currently, our team can rely on 17 functional consultants, with up to 10 years of NetSuite experience in almost all business areas, 5 technical consultants well versed in suitescripts, integrations, and other plug-ins, 1 expert accountant who will resolve any of your localisation issues, and a vast network of trusted partners who make it possible to optimise your NetSuite environment even further. The values Beside our functional and technical experience with NetSuite, we make a point of being fully transparent and building a strong and trusting relationship with our customers. During your project with us, here is what you can expect :
  • A focus on a ready-to-go implementation, based on NetSuite’s proven and sound standard capabilities.
  • Being challenged to follow NetSuite best practices, based on both NetSuite’s standard design and our own experience resulting from our 20+ implementations in the last 3 years.
  • A constant and completely transparent communication throughout the whole project. We will not sugarcoat any obstacles and will always advise you the best we can in order to make sure you reach your objectives and even surpass them.
  • Regular status reports and updates about timelines, risks and impacts.
  • A lot of flexibility, not only in our services (consulting services, project management, training and support), but also in NetSuite (customisations, add-ons, integrations).
The approach In order to meet our common goals, we follow a structured methodology, consisting of 4 different stages.
  • Engage
The engagement phase of the project is dedicated to getting acquainted with each other and getting to know your business. Thanks to detailed questionnaires, we collect the first pieces of information regarding your business and internal processes. We also kick off the project with all interested parties in order to ensure everyone is aligned and all the people involved are identified and know their role during the project.
  • Drive
  1. Architect We organise workshops with your teams in order to dive into your operations and daily activities. We gather all the necessary information in a design document which we continuously amend with you in order to scope the project precisely and sign off on a final architecture.
  2. Configure and Prototype Based on the workshops and the design document, we build a series of prototypes in a test environment, which we put to the test with your teams to ensure they allow all employees to perform their daily tasks in the most optimal and accurate way. When the final prototype stands the test of process owners, we deploy it in the live environment and prepare for go-live.
  • Enable
Before go-live, we ensure the users have the necessary knowledge of the system and feel confident that they can go through NetSuite’s workflows without any complications. With User Acceptance Testing, training guides and ongoing assistance, we support users throughout their learning journey, deal with their concerns and take special care of making them comfortable with the new tool they will be using on a daily basis.
  • Convert
The last step of our projects is supporting our customer during the go-live phase and making ourselves available to help them resolve any issues they may have. We also assist them with the migration of the balances from their previous software and with their first closing, and encourage them to take ownership of their NetSuite environment.  

The right people for the right job

In this day and age, implementing an ERP is a necessary step for any company that wants to survive and scale. This is such an important aspect of your growth, and which can prove very costly and painful if done incorrectly, that you need to partner with people that know what they are doing and that have the drive and knowledge to meet your ambitions. Can Novutech be that partner for you? Contact us to make sure!
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NetSuite Certification & Training Programs at Novutech - Benefits for NetSuite customers

Netsuite articles Novutech culture

January 18 2022

Novutech provides a wide range of training sessions adapted to each position level. The provided learning paths cover several areas and includes Products training, Technical training, Industry training and Skills training. These enable each consultant to develop its skills and technical knowledge that will help him to grow professionally, add value to our company and support our customer’s success. 

Novutech mainly aligns on NetSuite learning program but also develops a lot of training for new joiners like business analysts, and advanced NetSuite users from Architects to Financial experts. In fact, this program is designed to prepare professionals to showcase, implement and deploy the NetSuite environment into the most complex customer’s environments. 

The aim of this article is to give to readers an overview of training and certifications provided by Novutech, the outcomes of these trainings in the short and in the long term for Novutech itself and its employees, and finally the benefits the customer will obtain from these trainings. 

NetSuite provides several educational resources on its own platform. This enables Novutech to get a basis to develop its own educational resources. Indeed, those resources include various functions like Administrators, Technical consultants, Functional consultants, and Finance/Accounting consultants and these cover several industries as financial services, food & beverage, retail, non-profit, healthcare, and many other industries. 

NetSuite defines a path for partners based on four phases: 

  • The Foundation Phase consists of a new joiner completing a training related, on one hand, to implementation (optimizing NetSuite for user’s business needs) and, on the other hand, to administrator tasks and responsibilities (to tailor, maintain, and optimize NetSuite for the users’ business needs). After the first 8 weeks, the training session is complete, the new joiner learning path continues with additional product training topics.
  • The Establish Phase is built on the previous training. Between the 9th and the 24th week, the new joiner starts a vertical and/or industry-specific training. Indeed, he takes additional responsibilities in terms of implementation and product training. During this phase, the new joiner should take the SuiteFoundation Certification. 
  • The Proficient Phase continues the learning path. After one and a half years, the employee should have already taken the SuiteFoundation Certification and prepared for the ERP and/or Administrator Certification. He also starts advanced product training and continues the vertical and/or industry training. 
  • The Growth Phase includes additional certifications and ongoing experienced consultant training. After 2 years working in the NetSuite environment, the ERP/Administrator Consultant follows additional training and webinars related to new releases to become experts in their respective areas. 

For this purpose, NetSuite sets up various tools to boost productivity, empower users and maximize the use of NetSuite: on demand courses, online webinars as mentioned previously, lab environments, educational success advising, etc. 

Internally, Novutech developed a specific learning path for new joiners and experienced consultants based on three pillars:  

  • Knowledge & Expertise: 

The first pillar is based on Knowledge and Expertise. This includes NetSuite & Industry knowledge and expertise, Business Processes knowledge and Accounting & Finance knowledge. 

During the first three months, the new joiners follow training provided by NetSuite and accessible via the Learning Center, and they also follow training sessions conducted by internal collaborators. Meanwhile, they also develop themselves via fieldwork practices. 

Moreover, to share the knowledge between colleagues, Novutech sets up two elements: first, knowledge sessions. Every two weeks, employees who have learnt new features within NetSuite can share it during these knowledge sessions. Last but not least, Confluence is a platform where employees can document their searches and findings.

  • Consulting Skills: 

Knowledge is not everything. Hence, to deliver a qualitative service to our customers, Novutech also emphasizes the consulting skills. 

For this purpose, Novutech helps its employees to develop their communication, presentation, and demonstration of best practices skills, to improve their productivity and time management. Finally, Novutech is investing in helping its employees and giving them access to all the tools they need to achieve their objectives effectively and efficiently. 

  • Leadership Skills: 

Furthermore, Novutech enables its employees to develop their leadership skills in two ways. 

First, training provided internally enables Novutech employees to understand NetSuite Project Methodology and at the end of the day apprehend project management. 

Second, employees are quickly and significantly empowered via teams and customer management. Indeed, Novutech pushes them, in good time, to practice on the fieldwork. 

NetSuite Certification Program at Novutech 

At Novutech, we align on the NetSuite certifications. Therefore, we propose two kinds of certifications: administrator certification and user certification. 

Firstly, in terms of Administration Certification, Novutech proposes four different certifications: SuiteFoundation Certification, Administrator Certification, ERP Consultant Certification and SuiteCloud Developer Certification. 

  • SuiteFoundation certification: new joiners should take the SuiteFoundation Certification exam after 6 months NetSuite experience. During these 6 months, they should have a basic understanding of the product features and concepts. Concretely, knowledge that should be acquired to complete this exam is related to a company's preferences, the uses and functioning of roles and permissions, the customization options, dashboards, searches, etc. 
  • Administrator certification: After one year of experience configuring and managing NetSuite implementation, the analysts could consider taking the Administrator Certification Exam. In this case, they should, in addition to the knowledge acquired to complete the SuiteFoundation exam, acquire knowledge related to reports and searches (SuiteAnalytics), to customizations (SuiteBuilder), to workflows, bundles, and scripts (SuiteCloud Platform) and, finally, to general setup and administration. 
  • ERP Consultant Certification: To take the ERP Consultant Certification, functional analysts should have at least 2 years’ worth of NetSuite implementation experience. They should, therefore, get a knowledge base related to accounting and business processes (Record to Report, Order to Cash, Design to Build and Procure to Pay) and extensive knowledge related to customization, reports and searches (SuiteAnalytics), workflows fundamentals (SuiteFlow), data strategy and data security. 
  • SuiteCloud Developer II Certification: Technical analysts need one to two years of experience working with a range of SuiteCloud Technologies to take the SuiteCloud Developer II Certification. To do so, they need to gain experience in various subjects such as scripts (SuiteScript), customization (SuiteBuilder), workflows (Suiteflow), web services (SuiteTalk), reports and searches (SuiteAnalytics), and general design fundamentals. 

To maintain our certifications at Novutech, each year, our consultants and business analysts retake the exams in the form of a quiz named “New Release Quiz ''. This quiz validates awareness of new NetSuite features released in the previous year. 

Furthermore, in terms of User Certification, Novutech proposes two kinds of certifications to its users: SuiteAnalytics User and Financial User. 

  • SuiteAnalytics User: After 6-month experience in searches and reports, this certification would enable users to get a solid understanding of NetSuite data structure by using reports, financial reports, and searches.
  • Financial User: After 3-months experience in an accounting or finance role, this certification would enable users to get an extensive understanding of NetSuite accounting and finance functionality. 

Why get NetSuite Certified? 

More and more companies are looking for professionals who have acquired NetSuite certification. Indeed, companies that have certified their employees see more effective deployment and greater return on their investment. But not only. In fact, this represents numerous benefits for NetSuite customers as well. 

First, we could distinguish many benefits at the individual level: 

  • Being certified enables individuals to become part of an elite NetSuite professional network and access a closed LinkedIn community of other NetSuite Certified individuals for networking. 
  • Certification enables you to distinguish yourself from non-certified peers to accelerate your career and increase your professional opportunities. 

Second, there are also many benefits for NetSuite Customers 

  • Working with certified partners means working with the most qualified individuals, the highest skill level individuals with a complete understanding of NetSuite that will help you to obtain greater ROI from your NetSuite investment. 
  • It also means an increase of productivity, a high quality of NetSuite implementation and ongoing support. 

In summary… 

Novutech offers a wide and extensive range of training for both junior and senior consultants, equally functional as technical analysts. 

Novutech provides customized and continuous development to its consultants, whether in terms of knowledge and expertise, consulting or leadership skills. 

To maintain its brand awareness and strengths, Novutech requires each of its employees to obtain Netsuite Certification. This has consequent benefits on its own customers like working with experienced partners with strong expertise and delivering highly qualitative implementation and services. 

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Novutech adopts the OKR Methodology!

Novutech culture

October 21 2021

Puzzle pieces Objectives and Key Results methodology

The challenge of sustaining growth

As a fast-developing and ambitious company, we are always looking for new ways of improving and growing as a business, as a team, and as individuals. We have been facing an exponential growth in the last couple of years, rapidly reaching 18 employees, supporting more than 30 customers across Europe, opening an office in France… This has been a wonderful journey so far, but a challenging one, too.

The question quickly arose : how do we stick to a strategy and preserve our company culture in such a dynamic environment?

In order to keep moving forward, maintain our competitive edge and fuel our ambitions, we decided to implement the OKR Methodology at Novutech.

The OKR methodology

Objectives and Key Results. The method goes straight to the point and generates interest for any company concerned with developing steadily in the long term.

The OKR methodology consists in setting several objectives and using measurable key results to assess the achievements of the company. From the beginning this methodology requires that we introspect and define our core values and our ultimate strategic objectives. Then we are faced with the following crucial questions: what do we want to achieve? Why do we want to achieve it? And how will we know that we have met our objectives?

Once we have defined these objectives, we need to establish an action plan that will allow us to reach the expected results and ultimately fulfil our goals.

Why use OKR ?

What are the reasons that so many successful companies are adopting OKR? This methodology brings about numerous benefits that support growth in the long run by preventing businesses from falling victim to inertia.

By implementing the OKR method, organisations are forced to reflect on their core objectives and draw an action plan that is consistent with their global strategy. This ensures that all actions taken have a concrete and measurable impact on the actual results of the company. This in turn helps teams to regularly monitor their progress and adjust their action plan, which fosters agility within the organisation.

Moreover, OKR constitute a great way to stimulate company culture. People feel included in the organisation’s strategy and they can see the concrete impact of their actions on the key results. They also need both to work in teams and coordinate with other employees, and to demonstrate autonomy as they are responsible for setting a plan that allows them to reach the targeted goals.

That characteristic of the methodology is key to a successful implementation as OKR do not serve the same purpose as KPIs and involve team members in the strategy of the organisation outside of their business as usual.

OKR at Novutech

As we are committing to becoming the #1 NetSuite implementation partner in Europe in the coming years, we needed to redefine our objectives, values and ambitions and put a framework in place in order to boost our development.

With the help of [DOKR], we started our journey towards a more agile and focused future Novutech a couple of months ago. 

We followed a few steps during this process of implementation: Firstly, our OKR consultant studied our strategy, our organizational structure, our staff as well as our operating systems to offer us a tailor-made OKR implementation plan.

After the examination phase, we received the OKR consultation assignment that is most suited to our organization.

The OKR trainer provided us effective training accompanied by pragmatic workshops to help us effectively implement the OKR methodology with our teams.

OKR Training at Novutech

After a few training sessions, a number of workshops and a lot of brainstorming, we are now building action plans and launching our first quarterly OKR as of Q4 2021.

Centred around our core values, namely ExcellenceTeam FirstTalent Development, and Transparency, our OKR will ultimately serve our mission as a NetSuite partner and help us realize our long-term vision of becoming the best at what we do.

We can count on our OKR coach to support us at all levels of the structure and throughout the OKR cycles of our organization for a sustainable integration of OKRs.

And now what?

This is only the beginning for us ; adopting that kind of methodology requires a lot of discipline and commitment from our whole team, but we believe that this is the best tool to help us grow together in the right direction.

As a modern and innovative company, we aim at always going further and questioning our role in the world and our impact on our stakeholders ; this is why we are constantly looking for means of improving ourselves and driving our business in line with our values.

The road ahead is still long and full of exciting challenges, and we are really looking forward to it!

Do you want to know more about Novutech and our company culture? You are interested in joining our ambitious team?

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Novutech s’implante en France et devient Solution Provider NetSuite!

Novutech culture

June 03 2021

Oracle Netsuite solution provider Novutech France

Après avoir soufflé notre deuxième bougie d’anniversaire, il est temps pour nous de se lancer vers une nouvelle aventure. 

Novutech s’implante en France et plus exactement à Lyon.

 Pourquoi Lyon ? 

Lyon est la 3e plus grande ville de France et dispose d’un attrait économique important. De plus, sa situation géographique propose une offre intéressante de transports (TGV, aéroport, axes autoroutiers) et nous donne la possibilité de nous déplacer facilement et rapidement sur tout le territoire. Cette nouvelle structure sera dirigée par Khaled Stambouli qui mettra toute son énergie à proposer notre expertise et développer nos offres au sein de la France.  Le hasard faisant bien les choses, Khaled habite à Lyon ! 


Toujours au plus proche de nos clients

Cette nouvelle localisation nous permet de répondre aux besoins des sociétés françaises clientes, partenaires et futurs prospects, en leur proposant nos prestations et notre expertise. C’est donc stratégiquement une force que de renforcer notre proximité avec le marché français pour assurer une meilleure communication. Nous ambitionnons de rapidement recruter des consultants en France pour nous rejoindre dans cette aventure et agrandir notre équipe d’experts afin de mieux répondre aux besoins de nos clients toujours plus nombreux. 

Khaled Stambouli

Novutech devient Solution Provider

Une bonne nouvelle n’arrivant jamais seule, cette nouvelle localisation s’accompagne aussi d’un partenariat renforcé avec l’éditeur Oracle. Novutech étant une société centrée sur NetSuite, il nous est apparu évident et naturel d’intégrer le niveau de partenariat le plus élevé proposé par l’éditeur : Solution Provider. Le programme de revendeur de solution nous autorise à être un interlocuteur unique pour nos clients dès la détection de leurs besoins et ce jusqu’à la mise en œuvre du projet. Ce partenariat avec Oracle nous permet de vous proposer les contrats de licences liés à votre projet. 

Oracle Netsuite Solution Provider Logo

Nous pouvons vous garantir le même prix aux conditions équivalentes que ceux proposés directement par l’éditeur. Nous vous représentons et négocions directement auprès de l’éditeur afin d’obtenir la meilleure offre. La connaissance de vos enjeux, besoins, et contraintes nous permettent d’obtenir les meilleures propositions pour vous.

Dans le cadre de ce programme, les partenaires ont accès à la planification stratégique des pratiques et évolutions du système, à des formations à la demande dans tous les domaines fonctionnels, ainsi qu’à des éléments pratiques permettant de soutenir l’ensemble du cycle de vie d’acquisition et de réussite des projets clients. 

En tant que membre du programme NetSuite Solution Provider, Novutech est en mesure de tirer parti de son expérience en matière d’intégration pour offrir une expérience NetSuite complète et réussie aux clients de toute taille, qu’il s’agisse d’entreprises en démarrage ou de structures plus importantes.

Vous voulez en savoir plus sur Novutech, nos références en France, ou sur l’impact que NetSuite peut avoir sur votre entreprise?

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Time to reflect! Novutech and the COVID-19

Novutech culture

March 24 2021

One year… It has been one year already since our lives have been dramatically impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. After more than a year since the first lockdown in Belgium and now that we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, we believe it was the right time for Novutech to reflect on this very special year and how we managed to keep our activities going. Not only have we succeeded in keeping our activities going smoothly, but we were also able to promote our growth and welcome six new colleagues throughout the crisis. Along with the expansion of the team, we were able to strengthen the trust of our clients in our services by delivering quality work, communication and transparency, all of this, remotely. 

At Novutech, we decided to see the glass half full. As shocking and disastrous as the crisis has been in society, it is not the first time that businesses face crises in which they have to reinvent themselves and adapt to a new reality. We took this as an opportunity to adapt our way of working, to make sure the entire team was equipped with the right mindset to fit into the new normal once the crisis would be behind us. It was an opportunity for us to project ourselves in the future without focusing on preserving our “old” ways of working. At the end, we can be only be proud of what has been achieved at Novutech all together as a team on both aspects, personally and professionally, and we are full of optimism for what comes next. 

In a nutshell, during the past year Novutech has introduced six new team members, performed four full NetSuite implementations completely remotely, and provided support and enhancements to more than a dozen of clients. But the team has also taken time to reflect on what works and what does not, in terms of delivering the standard of service that owners and members set upon creation, but also to continue building meaningful connections and trust amongst our clients. 

As we went through the crisis we quickly realized that internal communication was key to success. We thus started with team meetings, which first proved to be counterproductive ; it took several trials and errors but by the end we designed a weekly routine to make it work for the entire team, and everyone’s individual needs, maintaining and strengthening team cohesion and thus improving our relations with external clients.

Among the initiatives that became our backbone are:

  •  Knowledge Sessions: Twice a month, we gather all together on Friday lunch and share interesting topics usually unfamiliar to the rest of the team that could be useful for our personal development but also features that could be interesting for other clients.
  • Weekly team catch-up: Once a week, we connect all together to share a beer and play games or simply catch-up.
  • Weekly 1-1 meeting: Every week we set a short and informal discussion with each team member. That helps to communicate frustrations/feedback and to ensure that everyone is equipped with the right supports to keep thriving within the company.
  • Projects weekly catch-ups: Among colleagues that are on the same projects. This helps teams align on customers’ needs and to brainstorm together on how to help them best.

Last but not least, as a NetSuite Alliance Partner we of course could not have accomplished all of this without adopting an array of digital tools to help us keep track as we grow. 

All in all, we saw COVID-19 as a wake up call for us, it helped us see how we could continue to deliver in a different post-covid world, in other words it helped us to become stronger and futureproof. At Novutech now, we are all looking forward to the future and ready to embrace whatever comes next with optimism and confidence.

You want to know more about Novutech and how our team could be a great fit to help your business grow with NetSuite?

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Novutech est certifié Chèque-Entreprises!

Novutech culture

May 11 2020

Novutech est reconnu comme prestataire officiel de la Région Wallonne dans le cadre des Chèques Entreprises, et plus précisément dans toutes les matières qui traitent du numérique.

Grâce à cela et via son organisme Digital Wallonia, la Région octroie des chèques entreprises aux PME Wallonnes qui utilisent des prestataires labellisés, permettant ainsi une participation jusqu'à 75% de l'étude et de l'accompagnement dans une démarche de Digitalisation / Numérisation.

En quoi cela consiste concrètement?

Vous souhaitez développer ou mettre à jour vos processus numériques ? Le Chèque-Maturité numérique permet de vous faire aider par un professionnel pour dresser un état des lieux de votre maturité numérique, établir un plan de mise en œuvre des processus numérique de votre entreprise (infrastructure informatique, flux d’information, processus de production, nouvelle organisation du travail via le numérique, etc.), établir avec vous un cahier des charges et vous accompagner dans le suivi de la mise en œuvre du plan numérique.

Concrètement, une entreprise wallonne peut obtenir un taux d’intervention de 75% dans cet accompagnement numérique et obtenir un montant maximum de 60.000EUR sur 3 ans. 

En quête de digitalisation de votre entreprise dans des matières comptables, processus d’achat, de vente, de gestion de stocks ou encore de facturation, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter! 

Chèques Entreprises DigiWall
Digital Wallonia

Plus d’informations sur: ou

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