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A Journey of Internal Operations Manager

Hello! I am Pauline, Internal Operations Manager at Novutech since July 21. Before running into my daily routine, I will share with you my background.


Before starting my professional career, I finished a Master of Communication at the Ihecs (Institut des Hautes Etudes des Communications). During these 5 years of study, I had to build up strategic, executional and communication skills. A Master of Communication prepares students for many different types of careers. Still, I did not really know what I wanted to do after graduating.

When I found out what my dream job would look like, I saw a vacant sales position in a large IT organisation. That was actually quite far from what I learned during my studies but close to my interests. Indeed, I have always been curious about sales and all the more in IT. That is why I decided to apply for the job and I finally got it. More than a professional experience, this first job has been a human adventure during which I developed myself surrounded by talented, generous, kind and open-minded people. After 5 years in this company, I decided to start on a new challenge – a role that was more focused on human, marketing and communication. I wanted to explore and learn.

I realised that I had new ambitions and I was strongly looking for a career project in which I would be able to elevate myself and take actions. 

I was focused on developing my full potential and identifying aspirations to better meet my goals. That is exactly what the role at Novutech gave me.


Other than the job itself, what really attracted me to Novutech was the chance to work for a growing start-up with incredibly talented people and in an environment where I could grow professionally.

As from July 2021, my role in the business is unique and covers four key areas: (i) the marketing plan, (ii) employee relations, (iii) assistance in sales and (iv) office manager, a role to make our office the most pleasant workplace possible.

This also means that I am kept very busy and that my ‘day-to-day’ routine is difficult to describe but I really appreciate working across such a diverse range of tasks. 

From a marketing perspective, I am responsible for a vast spectrum of duties within the business –going from the promotion of our services to the setting of our growth strategy.

My role at Novutech includes activities such as website management, social media management, content management, data analytics, PR and corporate communications.

What I really appreciate is that each employee, even if their business as usual is not immediately linked to marketing, can participate in the development of our marketing strategies by sharing their ideas, suggest ways to improve processes.

I strongly believe that including employees in the mission of the company and providing them autonomy helps them to feel empowered and motivated, increases their connection to Novutech and thus enables common achievements for the corporate goals.

As Novutech has been growing fast, people management has become crucial and strategic. Upon my arrival, I directly had to play an important role in the success of our company in several ways, ranging from participating in the global recruitment strategy and ensuring the compliance of its policies and programmes with labour laws to giving a help  to build a company culture that is in line with the organisation’s values and objectives.

Dealing with human resources was totally new to me but I had already acquired a lot of new skills by just closely working with the team. I also discovered how it is important to have a strong company culture for employee engagement, happiness and business performance. It is not just the values plastered on the walls, nor is it the office fruit bowls, sofa or darts game. It is how a company cultivates business growth by offering each employee a chance to express themselves, while encouraging healthy day-to-day attitudes, behaviours and work ethics.  

My role at the office also plays a big part in building up this company culture. I tried to make Novutech the best place to work by understanding the needs of my team and bringing it into the office environment. I am responsible for overseeing administrative tasks in the workplace. These tasks might include the organisation and coordination of office administration and procedures, in order to ensure organisational effectiveness, efficiency and safety. 

My favourite task is to organise team building events. These events are really important to ensure that everybody gets to know each other and, more than ever, they can be a powerful way to develop engagement and excitement for employees who are then happy to come to work.

I am also responsible for managing the purchasing and making sure that each employee has all what he/she needs for the good execution of his/her job.  

There is no doubt that organisation is crucial for the good accomplishment of my work. To make sure everything is under control, I need systems to track all information flowing through the office.

As I mentioned, Novutech truly is a place where culture is prioritised. The fact that people who work here genuinely care about each other brings extra value to the company. We appreciate spending our free time, during lunch or in the evenings after work – together. We are all encouraged to organise (social event) activities such as virtual quiz, monthly drinks, running time, diner time, trips, …

What keeps me motivated to go into work every day?

At Novutech, I aspire to follow the same direction that I have taken into my personal life: that is, having projects, continuing to develop myself and bringing positivity and energy to my team. I will ensure that they can count on me for each professional step.

Today, I have the opportunity to evolve in an environment with real collaborators and team players who work closely to support each other, with strong core values that include “client first approach”, “entrepreneurship spirit”, “openness”, “sharing” and “recognition in what we do”.

I totally agree with the central mindset of Novutech: delivering professionalism in an organisation where everyone is respected and can express their unique talents. 

At the end of the day, I would like to thank the Novutechos for welcoming me and for giving me a place in this awesome team. I admire the work and the positive energy that each collaborator puts into Novutech every single day.

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