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Generate Payment Advice for Suppliers


One of our customers recently asked us to streamline their vendor payment process. As part of the vendor payment process, they wanted to have the possibility to justify any payment sent to a supplier by providing an overview of bills, bill credits and any other transactions in NetSuite applied to this payment.


In order to automate this business process, we used a simple workflow on the bill payment record, linked to an advanced pdf template.

First, the workflow is adding a “Send Advice Payment Report” button on the bill payment record.

This button is linked to a Send Email action on the workflow, in case a “Payment Advice email” is filled in on the vendor record. If it is not the case, the workflow will go to the vendor record allowing the user to fill in an email address before sending the Payment Advice.

Secondly, the workflow is sending the Payment Advice pdf to the related email address of the vendor.

Until there, no real complexity as this is all basic NetSuite workflows.

The complexity lies in the pdf template, which should include all vendor bills as well as any bill credits or journals applied to the payment (or to the related bills).

Advanced PDF Templates in NetSuite use a combination of HTML and FreeMarker code.
The HTML code takes care of the layout where the FreeMarker code can add some more complex logic to the information that is shown on the PDF. In this example we first looped through all the Bills that were paid with the correct amount paid per bill. Afterwards we did the same for Bill credits used/applied with the addition of a condition that it should only show Bill credits that are linked to any of the bills that were paid in the section above. 

The email sent to the vendor provides a quick overview of all related transactions:


Thanks to this simple workflow and advanced pdf template, the customer is happy to send Payment Advice to their suppliers to avoid any misunderstanding in their vendor payment process.

In short

  • Easy maintenance by end-user
  • No need to use SuiteScript
  • Standard NetSuite functionalities

A question? You would like to implement this solution?

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