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Time to reflect! Novutech and the COVID-19

One year… It has been one year already since our lives have been dramatically impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. After more than a year since the first lockdown in Belgium and now that we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, we believe it was the right time for Novutech to reflect on this very special year and how we managed to keep our activities going. Not only have we succeeded in keeping our activities going smoothly, but we were also able to promote our growth and welcome six new colleagues throughout the crisis. Along with the expansion of the team, we were able to strengthen the trust of our clients in our services by delivering quality work, communication and transparency, all of this, remotely. 

At Novutech, we decided to see the glass half full. As shocking and disastrous as the crisis has been in society, it is not the first time that businesses face crises in which they have to reinvent themselves and adapt to a new reality. We took this as an opportunity to adapt our way of working, to make sure the entire team was equipped with the right mindset to fit into the new normal once the crisis would be behind us. It was an opportunity for us to project ourselves in the future without focusing on preserving our “old” ways of working. At the end, we can be only be proud of what has been achieved at Novutech all together as a team on both aspects, personally and professionally, and we are full of optimism for what comes next. 

In a nutshell, during the past year Novutech has introduced six new team members, performed four full NetSuite implementations completely remotely, and provided support and enhancements to more than a dozen of clients. But the team has also taken time to reflect on what works and what does not, in terms of delivering the standard of service that owners and members set upon creation, but also to continue building meaningful connections and trust amongst our clients. 

As we went through the crisis we quickly realized that internal communication was key to success. We thus started with team meetings, which first proved to be counterproductive ; it took several trials and errors but by the end we designed a weekly routine to make it work for the entire team, and everyone’s individual needs, maintaining and strengthening team cohesion and thus improving our relations with external clients.

Among the initiatives that became our backbone are:

  •  Knowledge Sessions: Twice a month, we gather all together on Friday lunch and share interesting topics usually unfamiliar to the rest of the team that could be useful for our personal development but also features that could be interesting for other clients.
  • Weekly team catch-up: Once a week, we connect all together to share a beer and play games or simply catch-up.
  • Weekly 1-1 meeting: Every week we set a short and informal discussion with each team member. That helps to communicate frustrations/feedback and to ensure that everyone is equipped with the right supports to keep thriving within the company.
  • Projects weekly catch-ups: Among colleagues that are on the same projects. This helps teams align on customers’ needs and to brainstorm together on how to help them best.

Last but not least, as a NetSuite Alliance Partner we of course could not have accomplished all of this without adopting an array of digital tools to help us keep track as we grow. 

All in all, we saw COVID-19 as a wake up call for us, it helped us see how we could continue to deliver in a different post-covid world, in other words it helped us to become stronger and futureproof. At Novutech now, we are all looking forward to the future and ready to embrace whatever comes next with optimism and confidence.

You want to know more about Novutech and how our team could be a great fit to help your business grow with NetSuite?

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