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Solar Screen, the European Leader in adhesive Films Distribution

Founded in 1984 and based in Luxemburg, Solar Screen International S.A. is a film and cover solutions distributor active across all of Europe. Thanks to their film solutions, Solar Screen attempts to increase panes and automotive glass protection, especially by enhancing the glass resistance but also by offering protection from heat, UV and glare.

During the past 5 years, Solar Screen has enjoyed a steady and impressive growth of 20 to 30% every year, and is currently the European leader in the distribution of adhesive films for windows and furniture. 

In order to support this growth, Solar Screen needed a flexible, robust, and above all scalable system capable of supporting business operations from sales and localized accounting to purchasing and warehousing, not only today but for the years to come as well.

Furthermore, as an experienced, innovative, and highly active company quickly expanding both internally and internationally, Solar Screen faced considerable challenges on a daily basis and set out strict and greatly specific requirements that demanded creative tailor-made solutions in order to enhance the standard capabilities of NetSuite and fulfill its expectations.

Advanced dashboarding, exacting reporting, 50+ users, Covid-19, integrations, highly customized processes… The challenges kept piling up but thanks to our flexibility and expertise, we managed to address all these complex topics, and all of that in just 4 months : a record-breaking performance!

Today, we are still working hand-in-hand with Solar Screen’s team in order to improve their NetSuite workflows and help them make the most of their NetSuite environment, and we intend to maintain this fruitful and exciting collaboration in the long run!

A summary of NetSuite’s impact on the business

  • Centralized system with multiple integrations (webshop, Upflow, TranSmart, LMS…)
  • Bank connection
  • Fully customized sales and purchasing flows
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Highly customized dashboards
  • Automated Warehouse Management
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • OCR Billing Management
  • Automated Bank Reconciliation

“The first thing, of course, was that we wanted to minimize the impact on our customers, because it’s a huge change for the company, but we wanted our customers to have a negative impact that is as little as possible, to be able to continue to deliver them every day, not to have to shut down the company for the transition.
The second point that was fundamental was internal adoption. So, very clearly, we had to create a commitment from the teams, and Novutech was fantastic in this role.”

“Changing ERP for a business is always a big bang. It’s a project that is exciting and at the same time frightening given the impact on all users, on all processes, and it was super important to find for us a company that shares our values, our DNA, and we have found in Novutech a company which, like us, puts the success of its projects and customer satisfaction first, and, in Novutech, we found interlocutors who wanted to understand our processes, who wanted to help us, who supported us from the start, and who continue to accompany us today with a real common interest in making the system appealing to all users.”
Nicolas HOET, COO

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