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Meet Mathieu, technical consultant

Rencontre l'équipe

December 15 2022


I started my studies in computer science in September 2009 via a BTS Informatique des gestion. Then a Bachelor's degree in computer science with the option of software engineering. On the other hand, nothing predestined me to leave and start working in the field of ERP. It was after obtaining my degree and a professional opportunity that I discovered the world of ERP and the technology around ORACLE. I first started as a development engineer at a software company "INFOELSA" which developed and sold its own ERP specialized in the banking and insurance world. After this first experience of almost 3 years I wanted to see something else and especially to discover an ERP sold directly by Oracle, so I changed employers and went to “Alcyon SI” (a company specialized in Oracle EBS) as an ERP Consultant. During this experience and by participating in a migration project, I continued to develop skills on the product as a technical & functional consultant. Following this experience I wanted to take more responsibility and see the project management part as much on the implementation as on the migration. It is thus as a technical project manager that I integrated a new company "Lojelis". After these several projects on Oracle EBS I wanted to discover a new product more current and recent, so I had the opportunity to start as a Consultant on Oracle NetSuite. I was able to participate in a first implementation project with the responsibility of the technical site. Because I wanted to continue to develop my NetSuite skills and start a new adventure I contacted Nouvutech. In order to participate and be part of the adventure of the launch of Novutech France. I joined Novutech in August 2021.

Why Novutech?

So I chose Novutech to be part of the adventure and the launch of Novutech FR. It's an exciting project to launch this type of structure and participate in the development of Novutech FR and its market. But also and above all I joined Novutech because it is a human-sized company where relationships between employees are very important. It is also a very young and dynamic company where everything goes very fast.

Novutech’s Journey

Today, I've been at Novutech for more than a year and we have gone from 10 to 30 employees. I participate in several implementation and optimization projects but also support (Solar Screen, EnergyVision, Bollé Brands, Sogelink etc ...) My technical and functional skills continue to improve daily on the product through these different projects and business areas. I went from technical analyst to technical consultant at the end of last year and I am now a mentor for two juniors who joined us during the year. This allows me to continue to develop my skills in terms of resource management and coaching. Many other projects are waiting for me at Novutech to continue to develop as a consultant and beyond.
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Meet Martin - From intern to employee

Rencontre l'équipe

October 13 2022

My internship at Novutech


Last January, I had the opportunity to join Novutech as a Business Analyst intern. A new and exciting adventure for me that ended last April. But it wasn’t the end of my journey as a Novutechos. I joined the team back in September, this time as a full-time Business Analyst. In this article, I will explain to you my journey at Novutech and why I wanted to come back to this company, to this team.

My internship

It all started on January 31st. It was the first day of my Master’s internship, and I was excited but also a bit anxious. But this anxiety didn't last for long. From the start, everyone welcomed me as a member of the team and helped me feel comfortable. I found a place where I could work and learn to improve myself everyday. I worked on multiple projects early in my internship, which allowed me to display but also improve my skills. People at Novutech really trusted me to make an impact even if I was still an intern. I had the chance to be responsible for my own projects and to work autonomously on them, which allowed me to grow as a person and as a worker, scheduling the tasks on my own and delivering quality results on time. I also realised during these different projects that Novutech offered me a challenging work environment. Indeed, I discovered that working in the ERP sector means I have to carry out projects for multiple customers in various sectors, which allowed me to work on various aspects of a company’s daily operations. This creates a stimulating work environment where you never stop learning. Despite all that, it can happen to feel a little lost, and it is normal as an intern. That is why each intern and each new joiner has a buddy. My buddy was my reference, the person I could contact when I had a question or if I encountered a problem. Weekly meetings were planned with him to discuss my work, how I was feeling, points of improvement, … but I could contact him at any time. At the end of my internship, I realised that I found a great place to work. I had wonderful colleagues, a challenging and stimulating work environment, autonomy and responsibilities. Of course I wanted to continue the adventure!

From intern to employee

A little over a month ago, I came back to Novutech, this time as a Business Analyst. Thanks to my internship, I was ready to work on customer projects from day one. As I was already autonomous and responsible for my work during my internship, the transition is very smooth. I still have a lot to learn, but I feel comfortable working in this environment. The pathway from intern to employee here at Novutech is a great one, allowing a more comfortable adaptation when leaving university for the working world. Being able to start your first job knowing the people you will be working with and the work you will perform is a great luxury to have!


To summarise, Novutech offers a great pathway from intern to employee. As an intern, I had the autonomy and the responsibilities to grow within a challenging working environment. I also had the time to learn and a great buddy to help me on all aspects of my life as a Novutechos. Therefore, as an employee, I came in a more comfortable way with a smoother adaptation.

In short

  • As an intern, I had the opportunity to grow with autonomy and responsibilities, with help from my buddy
  • This pathway allows a smooth transition from intern to employee
  • Join us!
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Meet Adrien

Rencontre l'équipe

August 11 2022


I started my studies of Business Engineering at UMons 2014. In 2017, I moved to the Louvain-La-Neuve in the Louvain School of Management in order to realize a Master degree with as Major option “Corporate Social Responsibility”. Nevertheless, I have always felt interested in new technologies. I realized some projects and also my thesis in this area. Actually, it is during my Master degree that I met the wonderful ERP world. It is in January 2020 that I’ve been graduated as Business Engineer at the Louvain School of Management.  One month later, I was recruited by Novutech to become a Business Analyst for (at that time) this very small company. But beginning 2020 means also the beginning of the COVID pandemic. Because of this, my arrival in Novutech has been delayed for one month. Indeed, instead of beginning in March, I entered inside Novutech’s family in April. So, it is in April 2020 that I start my journey in Novutech.

Why Novutech

Let me make a small parenthesis about “Why I chose Novutech ?”. I was directly attracted by the atmosphere in Novutech. Novutech was indeed composed of dynamic people which were ready to be part of a big project and dedicated to it. I always wanted to be part of this kind of project.  As a first job, I wanted to join a project where I was directly involved into and not entering in a big company. I wanted to find a company where I feel as a real member of the team. It means not entering in a too big structure. Novutech was a perfect match with this objective. 

Novutech’s Journey

Starting working in the business world during a pandemic was not an easy job for me. Not having the opportunity to meet all my new colleagues except behind a screen was a and also to learn a part of the job on my own. This new way of living was not an easy stuff but fortunately, I was well supported by the other team members and I didn’t feel alone during my beginning. At that time, we were only 6 at Novutech, thanks to this, it helps to rapidly be implicated and also adapt myself to the job. Indeed, it allows me to directly deep dive in concrete projects by doing tasks that get me out of my comfort zone. I had been directly put in contact with client, it was a big challenge for me but it helps me to grow up fast on my way of working and being independent in the job.  During my first month, I was put on a complete NetSuite implementation for Medi-Market. This project allows me to discover NetSuite especially Finance flow as it was a project which was mainly finance/accounting based. Thus, this project was a good start to jump into the NetSuite water.  After that, I have the opportunity to also be part of a big implementation for our client, Solar Screen. This implementation had a broader scope than Medi-Market. Indeed, in addition to integrate all the finance part of the company, we also should implement the Warehouse Management. In this case, I had been confronted to all the Inventory part of the system. As it was a quite new topics for me, I’d made some trainings to discover those topics.  Since those two implementations, I had the opportunity to participate in different projects, implementation and support, in various companies (UnifiedPost, Akkermansia Company, OTA Insight, etc.). Those experiences allow me to take more and more on myself and start leading some projects.  More than 2 years after my beginning at Novutech, a long journey has been achieved. I am now a Business Consultant and I had the opportunity to work for big projects but also to take the lead of some of them. During those projects, I was mainly driven by the opportunity learning more about various topics, to have responsibilities, to be totally autonomous on the way of managing my work, etc.  Thanks to this dynamic and way of working, I was able to grow up very fast and learn a lot from the Business World.
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Meet Mohamed

Rencontre l'équipe

March 01 2022

My journey started when I was 7, I left my native country Djibouti to Belgium. I had to face a new culture, environment and language. Thanks to my adaptation abilities, I managed to learn French quickly which allowed me to integrate Belgian culture and have a classic educational trajectory.


Finishing secondary school, I decided to pursue a career in the economic sector. Therefore, I started a bachelor degree in business administration at HEFF (Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer). 

This first experience made me learn financial basics, new economical skills and comprehension such as in the micro and macroeconomics, economic conditions. 

I also reinforced my knowledge in the analysis in the financial statements which helped me to improve my critical mindset, my attention to details and also to figure out what’s behind everything I was working on. At this point, I already had an overview of what was the work as an auditor which would be my following step in my student career. 

Before ending my bachelor, I had the opportunity to take part in an entrepreneurial project. Indeed, with the help of four other students we raised funds and school furniture in order to help a non-profit organisation based in Morocco whose purpose is to take care of single mothers and orphans. We had the chance to visit their facilities located in Morocco and meet all different people that we were trying to help. On one hand, it brought me entrepreneurial skills, organisation skills, social skills but on the other the most important is that this experience made me grow as a person and understand how lucky I am.

After my bachelor graduation, I decided to join ICHEC (Institut Catholique des Hautes Etudes Commerciales) and start a master’s degree. I had to make a choice between multiple areas of learning and my heart made me go for a master’s degree with the option of chartered accountancy and auditing. 

During these two years at ICHEC, I extended and deepened knowledge that I already had acquired while I was in Francisco Ferrer. Throughout this academic journey, I had a lot of practical work to provide that taught me to collaborate with teammates, to respect deadlines, to defend my opinions but most of all to listen to others and accept that people may have different ideas than me. 

I assume that all this learning was made to get me ready for the working environment and the different types of work I would be in charge of.

In order to complete my academic career successfully, I had the possibility to pursue a professional internship in auditing.

During this internship, I got the chance to put into practice all the knowledge that I acquired in the past. It was at this moment that I understood that there was a gap between the professional world and the world of studies.

As a matter of fact, even if I had a strong economic background thanks to the classes I took, I had to confront the theoretical part of my learning with the practical aspect of the work.

It was thus quite naturally that I adapted to this new environment. It seems to me that is this way that I developed new skills that I couldn’t have learned at school such as; to think out of the box, time management, to multitask and be able to manage several files at the same time, and I think one of the most important is the customer relationship.

Indeed, the reason why I think the customer relationship is one of the most important qualities in the business world is because we interact on a daily basis with them. We need to be aware that they expect a lot of us, they count on our experience to provide an optimal service but also to suit their expectations. 

In the light of these factors, being aware of all responsibilities that are required, I gave my best to fulfil the customer needs. In order to achieve my goal, I improved my accountancy knowledge, I became familiar with financial analysis tools that I needed to use and finally I worked on my communication skills aiming to make it easier to understand the issues they could face within their businesses.

After my internship and my graduation, I had the chance to keep working in the same audit company for one year and a half. Actually the length of the internship was not enough, that is the reason why I immediately accepted the offer to continue working. Obviously I was thirsty for learning but it was also the work environment I had and especially the trust and the respect I earned from my superior.

Armed with this first successful experience in the audit field, I was ready for a new professional challenge. That was the moment that I discovered Novutech and I recognized myself in their values and their vision. As new technologies represent a massive part of this business, I always wanted to combine my economics’ skills with them. 

That is why I decided to join Novutech as a business analyst.


My journey at Novutech started on August 2021, the 9th. I was surprised by the warm welcome that the company reserved me. I was immediately put at ease by all the collaborators that were already warned from my coming. Everything was made to make me comfortable so I could take my bearings quickly. My greatest astonishment was to know that a team building was planned a month after my arrival so that the new members of the team could get to know the old collaborators better.

My first two weeks were dedicated to external and internal training which allowed me to get a first overview of the NetSuite ERP and a lot of its functionalities. Besides the fact that they provided me with numerous support for my acclimatisation, they made themselves available to answer my questions.

My arrival coincided with the one of a new customer for which we had to implement the NetSuite ERP and this project was assigned to me. This gave me the opportunity to follow all the steps from scratch to the final product. What better way to get into my new position? Currently I am still working on this project.

Aside from this project, I am also involved with other clients on optimization and support topics. It consists in providing solutions to questions that could arise from the use of the system. This aspect of my function allows me to be confronted to special cases and thus to increase my NetSuite knowledge. 

What I appreciate the most in my job is the contact with the client, the fact of being able to meet their needs by trying to simplify as much as possible their understanding of the tool that we are using. 

I recognize myself in the values of Novutech such as transparency, team spirit, excellence. In my opinion these are the prerequisites for the exercise of my function.

Career perspectives

At first, I aspire to become as quickly as possible autonomous in order to provide an irreproachable service and especially to be able to advise the customer as well as possible. Once this objective is achieved, I would be ready to perform new functions requiring greater responsibilities. Finally,  in the medium-short term, I aspire to evolve within the organization. 

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A Journey of Internal Operations Manager

Rencontre l'équipe

November 04 2021

Hello! I am Pauline, Internal Operations Manager at Novutech since July 21. Before running into my daily routine, I will share with you my background.


Before starting my professional career, I finished a Master of Communication at the Ihecs (Institut des Hautes Etudes des Communications). During these 5 years of study, I had to build up strategic, executional and communication skills. A Master of Communication prepares students for many different types of careers. Still, I did not really know what I wanted to do after graduating.

When I found out what my dream job would look like, I saw a vacant sales position in a large IT organisation. That was actually quite far from what I learned during my studies but close to my interests. Indeed, I have always been curious about sales and all the more in IT. That is why I decided to apply for the job and I finally got it. More than a professional experience, this first job has been a human adventure during which I developed myself surrounded by talented, generous, kind and open-minded people. After 5 years in this company, I decided to start on a new challenge – a role that was more focused on human, marketing and communication. I wanted to explore and learn.

I realised that I had new ambitions and I was strongly looking for a career project in which I would be able to elevate myself and take actions. 

I was focused on developing my full potential and identifying aspirations to better meet my goals. That is exactly what the role at Novutech gave me.


Other than the job itself, what really attracted me to Novutech was the chance to work for a growing start-up with incredibly talented people and in an environment where I could grow professionally.

As from July 2021, my role in the business is unique and covers four key areas: (i) the marketing plan, (ii) employee relations, (iii) assistance in sales and (iv) office manager, a role to make our office the most pleasant workplace possible.

This also means that I am kept very busy and that my ‘day-to-day’ routine is difficult to describe but I really appreciate working across such a diverse range of tasks. 

From a marketing perspective, I am responsible for a vast spectrum of duties within the business –going from the promotion of our services to the setting of our growth strategy.

My role at Novutech includes activities such as website management, social media management, content management, data analytics, PR and corporate communications.

What I really appreciate is that each employee, even if their business as usual is not immediately linked to marketing, can participate in the development of our marketing strategies by sharing their ideas, suggest ways to improve processes.

I strongly believe that including employees in the mission of the company and providing them autonomy helps them to feel empowered and motivated, increases their connection to Novutech and thus enables common achievements for the corporate goals.

As Novutech has been growing fast, people management has become crucial and strategic. Upon my arrival, I directly had to play an important role in the success of our company in several ways, ranging from participating in the global recruitment strategy and ensuring the compliance of its policies and programmes with labour laws to giving a help  to build a company culture that is in line with the organisation’s values and objectives.

Dealing with human resources was totally new to me but I had already acquired a lot of new skills by just closely working with the team. I also discovered how it is important to have a strong company culture for employee engagement, happiness and business performance. It is not just the values plastered on the walls, nor is it the office fruit bowls, sofa or darts game. It is how a company cultivates business growth by offering each employee a chance to express themselves, while encouraging healthy day-to-day attitudes, behaviours and work ethics.  

My role at the office also plays a big part in building up this company culture. I tried to make Novutech the best place to work by understanding the needs of my team and bringing it into the office environment. I am responsible for overseeing administrative tasks in the workplace. These tasks might include the organisation and coordination of office administration and procedures, in order to ensure organisational effectiveness, efficiency and safety. 

My favourite task is to organise team building events. These events are really important to ensure that everybody gets to know each other and, more than ever, they can be a powerful way to develop engagement and excitement for employees who are then happy to come to work.

I am also responsible for managing the purchasing and making sure that each employee has all what he/she needs for the good execution of his/her job.  

There is no doubt that organisation is crucial for the good accomplishment of my work. To make sure everything is under control, I need systems to track all information flowing through the office.

As I mentioned, Novutech truly is a place where culture is prioritised. The fact that people who work here genuinely care about each other brings extra value to the company. We appreciate spending our free time, during lunch or in the evenings after work - together. We are all encouraged to organise (social event) activities such as virtual quiz, monthly drinks, running time, diner time, trips, …

What keeps me motivated to go into work every day?

At Novutech, I aspire to follow the same direction that I have taken into my personal life: that is, having projects, continuing to develop myself and bringing positivity and energy to my team. I will ensure that they can count on me for each professional step.

Today, I have the opportunity to evolve in an environment with real collaborators and team players who work closely to support each other, with strong core values that include “client first approach”, “entrepreneurship spirit”, “openness”, “sharing” and “recognition in what we do''.

I totally agree with the central mindset of Novutech: delivering professionalism in an organisation where everyone is respected and can express their unique talents. 

At the end of the day, I would like to thank the Novutechos for welcoming me and for giving me a place in this awesome team. I admire the work and the positive energy that each collaborator puts into Novutech every single day.

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Henry – A Journey of ERPs

Rencontre l'équipe

August 18 2021

Picture of Henry

The track I took throughout university has always been more process optimization- and internationalization-oriented. With a master’s degree focused on international business, I had the chance to get an internship in Indonesia, where I was introduced to the wonders of ERPs and was acting as a project manager for an ODOO implementation, sorting problems and communicating with the local consultants that were helping us. It was a nice introduction and it comforted me in the idea that I wanted to work in an IT-related field without losing sight of the business side of enterprises.

Even before I flew back to Europe and finished my master’s thesis, I had a couple of interviews lined up. After a few successful rounds, I was lucky enough to have multiple job offers to choose from. The one that I ended up choosing was an offer from Avanade, a joined venture from Accenture and Microsoft, where I would be an ERP Business Analyst.

This was a major step into the corporate world for me. It came with both the challenges of being a cog in a well-oiled machine and the learning opportunities of having talented colleagues. My time at Avanade taught me how to be more organized, to be patient, the agile way of working and that great managers do make a difference.

After having been able to help, I hope, on a couple of projects, I soon realized I was missing something. Making gap analysis, creating documentation, and making presentations is all interesting and well but I wanted to open the hood of the machine and see how it was all functioning, in other words: going technical.

Having spent my share of time at university and not wanting to just quit my job, becoming a full-time student was not an option. Lucky for me, a branch of school 42 had opened in Brussels and this new style of education was entirely free and totally project-based. Exactly what I needed. There was only the matter of getting in. The entrance exam, or as it is known among students “The piscine”, is a month-long coding bootcamp where 150 candidates start and usually 50 make it in. Throughout the month you are learning, not taught, the basis of the C language through exercises, group projects and exams. I had used all my time off for the year to be able to attend the piscine, but damn was it a blast. It truly revealed my passion for coding and finding solutions to complicated problems.

I spent the next 6 months being a functional consultant by day and coding student by night. And in January of 2020 I received a job opportunity to become a Technical consultant for Novutech, a young consultancy start-up implementing and optimizing NetSuite for customers across the world.  The interview went well, and the founders made me feel at home right away, and it was with eagerness that I accepted the job offer when it came my way. It was with a heavy heart that I left my first official job but I knew that the challenges ahead would scratch my technical itch.

I started my new job the first day of the first lockdown in Belgium, so it was definitely a different start. But as expected with the help of my technical colleagues and the trust that was put in me, I dived into every technical project that came my way. One of the bigger projects I was entrusted with was the creation of a bank connectivity bundle that would connect customers’ NetSuite environment to their banks through Isabel. Lucky for me with the pandemic at its peak I had plenty of time to dive in the nitty-gritty of the technical aspects of NetSuite and deliver a bundle that we now offer to our clients as a separate application.

Working in a smaller company also means that you are trusted faster with customer-facing matters and that you have to “grow up” faster as an individual.

Overall, I believe my journey into the marvelous world of ERPs is still at its beginning phase and will keep me on my toes for the decade to come.

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Internship at Novutech: Adventuring in a Startup Environment

Rencontre l'équipe

June 16 2021

A Brief Description of Our Experience at Novutech

What do we think about our 2-month internship in a Startup?

We are two students in a Business school, aiming to get our Bachelor in Business and Administration, and as a part of our bachelor program, an internship at a startup was compulsory. Our aim was to discover more about the professional practices and day-to-day activities of such a type of company. 

This experience was most certainly different and challenging. Working remotely was a first for us, and this included having to administrate time, being organized in our tasks and meeting the team members on Google Meet. 

Experiences like this one showed us that you can feel welcome even when you are in different countries. We were able to learn more about flexibility and project-oriented work. Although not working in Novutech’s office, we observed the busy lives of all the employees and most importantly of the co-founders. 

Being our mentors and guiding us during these last couple of months were tasks in which they nailed it. Even though the company had no previous experience with interns, we were a perfect match since we had never worked in a startup before. The effort put by both sides was enough to overcome the challenges and execute this project successfully.

We joined the (almost) non-existent marketing team, and we had a long list of tasks to accomplish by the end of these 2 months. Having two team members as our guides during the entire process made us more confident about communicating and bringing up our ideas and visions for the company. 

As a growing startup, Novutech team members were carrying out different projects and tasks; although having a hectic business schedule, we received instructions and help every time needed to be able to conduct different activities in the marketing department. 

Going out of our comfort zone brought us to a very welcoming environment, where everyone made sure that we were included in the processes and the weekly team meeting. Because of that, we learned not only about Novutech, but also the conditions of a startup. 

To finally answer the given question at the beginning of this article: this internship has brought us out of our comfort zone in a different environment and because of that we are thankful for the opportunity and for the warm welcome that we received since the very first interview. 

Interested in a once-in-a-lifetime adventure into the world of ERPs with a dynamic and ambitious team?

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