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Novutech adopts the OKR Methodology!

Puzzle pieces Objectives and Key Results methodology

The challenge of sustaining growth

As a fast-developing and ambitious company, we are always looking for new ways of improving and growing as a business, as a team, and as individuals. We have been facing an exponential growth in the last couple of years, rapidly reaching 18 employees, supporting more than 30 customers across Europe, opening an office in France… This has been a wonderful journey so far, but a challenging one, too.

The question quickly arose : how do we stick to a strategy and preserve our company culture in such a dynamic environment?

In order to keep moving forward, maintain our competitive edge and fuel our ambitions, we decided to implement the OKR Methodology at Novutech.

The OKR methodology

Objectives and Key Results. The method goes straight to the point and generates interest for any company concerned with developing steadily in the long term.

The OKR methodology consists in setting several objectives and using measurable key results to assess the achievements of the company. From the beginning this methodology requires that we introspect and define our core values and our ultimate strategic objectives. Then we are faced with the following crucial questions: what do we want to achieve? Why do we want to achieve it? And how will we know that we have met our objectives?

Once we have defined these objectives, we need to establish an action plan that will allow us to reach the expected results and ultimately fulfil our goals.

Why use OKR ?

What are the reasons that so many successful companies are adopting OKR? This methodology brings about numerous benefits that support growth in the long run by preventing businesses from falling victim to inertia.

By implementing the OKR method, organisations are forced to reflect on their core objectives and draw an action plan that is consistent with their global strategy. This ensures that all actions taken have a concrete and measurable impact on the actual results of the company. This in turn helps teams to regularly monitor their progress and adjust their action plan, which fosters agility within the organisation.

Moreover, OKR constitute a great way to stimulate company culture. People feel included in the organisation’s strategy and they can see the concrete impact of their actions on the key results. They also need both to work in teams and coordinate with other employees, and to demonstrate autonomy as they are responsible for setting a plan that allows them to reach the targeted goals.

That characteristic of the methodology is key to a successful implementation as OKR do not serve the same purpose as KPIs and involve team members in the strategy of the organisation outside of their business as usual.

OKR at Novutech

As we are committing to becoming the #1 NetSuite implementation partner in Europe in the coming years, we needed to redefine our objectives, values and ambitions and put a framework in place in order to boost our development.

With the help of [DOKR], we started our journey towards a more agile and focused future Novutech a couple of months ago. 

We followed a few steps during this process of implementation: Firstly, our OKR consultant studied our strategy, our organizational structure, our staff as well as our operating systems to offer us a tailor-made OKR implementation plan.

After the examination phase, we received the OKR consultation assignment that is most suited to our organization.

The OKR trainer provided us effective training accompanied by pragmatic workshops to help us effectively implement the OKR methodology with our teams.

OKR Training at Novutech

After a few training sessions, a number of workshops and a lot of brainstorming, we are now building action plans and launching our first quarterly OKR as of Q4 2021.

Centred around our core values, namely Excellence, Team First, Talent Development, and Transparency, our OKR will ultimately serve our mission as a NetSuite partner and help us realize our long-term vision of becoming the best at what we do.

We can count on our OKR coach to support us at all levels of the structure and throughout the OKR cycles of our organization for a sustainable integration of OKRs.

And now what?

This is only the beginning for us ; adopting that kind of methodology requires a lot of discipline and commitment from our whole team, but we believe that this is the best tool to help us grow together in the right direction.

As a modern and innovative company, we aim at always going further and questioning our role in the world and our impact on our stakeholders ; this is why we are constantly looking for means of improving ourselves and driving our business in line with our values.

The road ahead is still long and full of exciting challenges, and we are really looking forward to it!

Do you want to know more about Novutech and our company culture? You are interested in joining our ambitious team?

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