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Internship at Novutech: Adventuring in a Startup Environment

By Anna & Nouha

A Brief Description of Our Experience at Novutech

What do we think about our 2-month internship in a Startup?

We are two students in a Business school, aiming to get our Bachelor in Business and Administration, and as a part of our bachelor program, an internship at a startup was compulsory. Our aim was to discover more about the professional practices and day-to-day activities of such a type of company. 

This experience was most certainly different and challenging. Working remotely was a first for us, and this included having to administrate time, being organized in our tasks and meeting the team members on Google Meet. 

Experiences like this one showed us that you can feel welcome even when you are in different countries. We were able to learn more about flexibility and project-oriented work. Although not working in Novutech’s office, we observed the busy lives of all the employees and most importantly of the co-founders. 

Being our mentors and guiding us during these last couple of months were tasks in which they nailed it. Even though the company had no previous experience with interns, we were a perfect match since we had never worked in a startup before. The effort put by both sides was enough to overcome the challenges and execute this project successfully.

We joined the (almost) non-existent marketing team, and we had a long list of tasks to accomplish by the end of these 2 months. Having two team members as our guides during the entire process made us more confident about communicating and bringing up our ideas and visions for the company. 

As a growing startup, Novutech team members were carrying out different projects and tasks; although having a hectic business schedule, we received instructions and help every time needed to be able to conduct different activities in the marketing department. 

Going out of our comfort zone brought us to a very welcoming environment, where everyone made sure that we were included in the processes and the weekly team meeting. Because of that, we learned not only about Novutech, but also the conditions of a startup. 

To finally answer the given question at the beginning of this article: this internship has brought us out of our comfort zone in a different environment and because of that we are thankful for the opportunity and for the warm welcome that we received since the very first interview. 

Interested in a once-in-a-lifetime adventure into the world of ERPs with a dynamic and ambitious team?

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