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Your Banks in NetSuite

Finally. Today.
Implemented in a few hours.
Efficient, cost effective and reliable.

Automated banking and payments

Save time

On average, it takes about 150 hours per bank per year to extract bank statements and push them into the ERP

Solving format issues

MT940, CAMT.053, CODA or SEPA. Don’t bother yourselves with formatting issues with our state-of-the-art integration

Real-time updates

Keep your banks and NetSuite updated together at all times with real-time connectity

Key features

  • Automatically import your latest bank statements overnight and easily reconcile your bank statements daily via AIS
  • Works with both Fast Four Bank Reconciliation and Standard NetSuite Reconcile Account statement
  • View your account information and bank balances without leaving your ERP system
  • Cash flow reporting based on actual bank transactions
  • Make payments directly from NetSuite via PIS

We partner with the most innovative companies when it comes to reliability and bank coverage!


Open banking is becoming absolutely necessary in the business world today enabling third-party developers to build applications and services around the financial institution.

Banks are now releasing their data in a secure, standardised form, so that it can be shared more easily between authorised organisations online thanks to the Payment Services Directive, known as PSD2.

Novutech ConnectoBank Bundle leverages bank APIs and delivers services, functionality and a secure way to transact between the banks and the NetSuite customer accounts across the NetSuite platform.

With our Novutech ConnectoBank Bundle, we are working with various financial data aggregation companies to get the best bank coverage.

We partner with the most innovative companies when it comes to reliability and bank coverage!

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